• Why is asphalt thickness important?

    Minimum thickness is no less than 1 inch for an overlay.  When talking about a parking lot, most go in at 1 ½ inch, sometime @ 2 inches if heavy duty.  Roadways are the same way, but generally when doing an overlay, you are milling off the top inch and applying another inch to the surface.


    It’s important because you’ll get more structural integrity.  Asphalt is designed to be a resisting surface to the elements…it’s a wearing surface.


  • What is asphalt overlay and when should it be used?

    Application of about an inch over the existing asphalt (or your desired thickness).  You do it before your asphalt reached the end of its natural life.  Before it cracks.  When asphalt reaches the end of its life, it stretches and peels apart from itself because it loses it’s flexibility.

  • What to do when asphalt starts cracking.

    When you start seeing cracks, get an estimate for an overlay.  There could be underlying causes…but the best thing to do is call an asphalt professional to review

  • What is asphalt made of?

    Sand and various sizes of aggregates and liquid asphalt

  • What is an infrared repair?

    Indirect method of heating the asphalt.  It’s a more suitable repair because it allows the old asphalt to become malleable, add new asphalt and cool as one as opposed to cutting out old and having a seam with new.

  • What is the average life-cycle of asphalt?

    It varies with usage and design. Heavy traffic 10-15 years. 15 to 20 years for light usage.  It could also do with the amount of recycle that the material had in it in the first place.  Old substrate takes the place of new in recycling, thus making the lifecycle less effective.


    Suncoast paving only makes virgin asphalt.  Virgin ,materials versus Recycled materials.  However they work with recycled as it’s more affordable to the consumer.


  • Is there a better time of year to install asphalt?


    Not really…hotter makes it harder to cool, making it take longer to use while cooler weather makes it cool quicker making it harder to install quickly.  Asphalt that’s too cool won’t allow you to achieve the optimum density.

  • What is seal coating?

    Light application of paint.  Seal coating is recommended by the asphalt institute and national asphalt paving association in climates that are subject to freeze, where the asphalt is more porous in an effort to prevent surface waters from saturating the asphalt.  Asphalt based sealer should be used, not coal tar.

  • What are ADA line requirements and when do they apply?

    Certain amounts of handicap spaces required (look for code) and exemptions in the Florida code.  Look also exceptions to the size requirements when it’s residential.  Commercial has to be 12 feet; residential has to be 8 feet wide and a 5-foot aisle.   It could vary with municipality.





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